Neuroscience Selling - Conversational Intelligence

Ready to go from good to great and make more money doing it? Then look no further. This is Neuroscience Selling, a groundbreaking new approach to sales technique developed by Stephanie Chung in collaboration with Judith E. Glaser, creator of Conversational Intelligence®. 

At its core, Neuroscience Selling is an innovative combination of time-tested sales strategies and recent developments in neuroscience that work together to improve sales success dramatically. Let’s be clear; this isn’t sales psychology. We know what’s going on in the mind of the buyer; we can just ask them. What you’ll discover here is what’s going on in the physical brain that informs and influences their decision making. The series explores how the brain chemically responds during the five stages of selling and delivers killer insights with Stephanie’s trademark sense of humor and positivity.


This Course Includes:

Get The Party Started!

Build Trust & Rapport - They Have to Buy YOU to Buy From You.
Cultivate long-term relationships to grow your business.

Uncover the Need - Stop Talking. Start Listening!
Learn the three levels of listening.

Present the Solution - You Have 18 Seconds to be Helpful.
Create multi-sensory conversations.

Handling Objections - Don't Object to Objections!
Master your body language and other non-verbal cues.

Close the Sale - Time to Get Paid.
Learn the top three closing techniques.


Begin Neuroscience Selling today to start making more money tomorrow!!


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